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Over the past 20 years—since the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development—global attention has increasingly focused on youth reproductive health and HIV prevention activities. The result is a vast increase in available reports, intervention guides, and research studies. IYWG has chosen key resources—mostly published since 1997—for this collection.

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    Posted on: 20 March 2013

    Case Study: Alcohol Consumption and HIV Risk, India

    2010 A growing body of research suggests that alcohol consumption is associated with the sexual behaviors that put people at risk for HIV. Through their innovative Community Popular Opinion Leader (CPOL) approach, the Y.R. Gaitonde Center for AIDS Research and Education (Y.R.G. CARE) provided peer ...

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    Posted on: 19 March 2013

    Case Study: Looking Within

    2010 This case study provides an example of how assistance can be mobilized from within communities to protect young people's access to education. Youth Alive Tanzania's Youth and Parents Crisis Counseling Center (YOPAC) is implementing "community-enforced agreements"—simple and ...

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    Posted on: 20 March 2013

    Improving the Reproductive Health of Married and Unmarried Youth in India

    2006 This report of a 10-year project in India describes six intervention projects with local partner organizations. All focused in some way on community involvement and one specifically tested the role of community involvement on behavior outcomes of youth. Community mobilization and involvement ...

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    Posted on: 20 March 2013

    Youth Reproductive Health in Nepal: Is Participation the Answer

    2004 This is the most rigorous study to date of a project that measured the impact of community participation in a youth program. The intervention sites had significantly more support in contextual factors that affect youth, and showed more potential for sustainability, but only marginally more ...

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    Posted on: 15 April 2013

    A Reproductive Health Communication Model That Helps Improve Young Women's Reproductive Life and Reduce Population Growth

    2010 PRACHAR, a reproductive health communication model developed and tested in rural Bihar, India, has been found to be successful in (a) delaying age at marriage and onset of childbearing, (b) increasing contraceptive use for spacing of pregnancies, and (c) generating the most positive impact on ...

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    Posted on: 20 March 2013

    Safe Age of Marriage in Yemen, Fostering Change in Social Norms: A Case Study

    2010 This case study describes how ESD, with the Basic Health Services Project in Yemen and the Yemeni Women Union, implemented the Safe Age of Marriage program as part of a national effort to reduce maternal and neonatal mortalities. The program aimed to end child marriage and marriage before the ...

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    Posted on: 19 August 2013

    Christian Family Life Education Program in Namibia

    2006 Churches in Namibia are now approaching taboo subjects about sexuality using a new family life education curriculum in workshops, parent-youth activities, pastor forums, and other activities. Case Studies English FHI 360 Faith-based Programs ...

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    Posted on: 17 April 2013

    Culture Matters: Working with Communities and Faith-based Organizations- Case Studies from Country Programmes

    2004 This report uses nine case studies to describe how to work within cultures to foster stronger progress toward achieving international development goals and advancing human rights. It explains how to integrate cultural analysis into development programs, especially in the critical areas of ...

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    Posted on: 17 April 2013

    Working from Within: Culturally Sensitive Approaches in UNFPA Programming

    2004 The nine case studies presented in this summary are drawn from the longer UNFPA report summarized above. It highlights the necessity of mainstreaming cultural analysis and sensitivity in development efforts addressing issues such as gender equality and equity, HIV/AIDS, female genital cutting, ...

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    Posted on: 20 March 2013

    Curbing HIV in Drug-Driven Epidemics

    2007 This presentation by Rob Gray provides details about the Break the Cycle program for young IDUs, as well as general information about the topic. Case Studies English Population Services International Injecting Drug Use ...