Looking Back to Look Forward

Looking Back to Look Forward collageFHI 360 hosted "Looking Back to Look Forward," an end-of-project event focused on youth sexual and reproductive health (YSRH) on June 25, 2014, in Washington DC. 
Since 2006, FHI 360 has managed the technical content for USAID’s Interagency Youth Working Group (IYWG). Since 2009, these activities have been supported by the Preventive Technologies Agreement (PTA), a five-year USAID award. The youth end-of-project meeting focused on new evidence and resources generated under USAID-funded projects including the IYWG, PTA, and others. 
Throughout the day, YSRH professionals from government and NGOs met to discuss what can be learned from the past and strategies for building on USAID’s investments in youth in the future. The sexual and reproductive health of young people were discussed through innovative, engaging activities and presentations. FHI 360 gave an overview of the IYWG’s knowledge management portfolio, highlighted youth publications produced under the IYWG, and presented lessons learned from USAID-funded YSRH research projects and their implications for future research and programming. Throughout the day, USAID implementing partners delivered presentations and posed a "wicked question," or one that does not have an obvious answer and is meant to challenge the status quo and generate critical thinking. The questions are listed here (Word, 18 KB). The day ended with a guided discussion of these questions and a conversation about the future of YSRH programming and research. 
As the PTA and IYWG wind down, this meeting provided a platform to "look back" over the accomplishments from the past five years while at the same time discuss the future of YSRH. 
Participants included
  • USAID staff and representatives from a variety of U.S. government organizations
  • FHI 360 PTA management
  • FHI 360 IYWG project staff, youth research staff
  • USAID funded NGOs with YSRH activities
  • YSRH consultants 

10:00-10:30   Coffee and “Youth Milestones” activity (Word, 36 KB)

10:30-11:00   Welcome and introduction, Joy Cunningham, FHI 360                            

11:00-11:15   Overview of IYWG's knowledge management portfolioJoy Cunningham, FHI 360 

11:15-12:15   “Let’s play Jeopardy!” An overview of the IYWG’s major publications (PDF, 1.96 MB), Marta Pirzadeh and Kate Plourde, FHI 360 

12:15-1:15     Lunch and gallery walk of IYWG resources

1:15-2:45       Panel presentation: Lessons learned from select FHI 360 YSRH research projects, Moderator: Cindy Geary, FHI 360

                        Adolescents living with HIV in Zambia: an examination of HIV care and treatment and family planning (PDF, 511 KB)—Julie Denison, JHU

                        m4RHKelly L’Engle, FHI 360

                        Contraception for adolescents in low- and middle-income countries: needs, barriers, and access (PDF, 583 KB)—Donna McCarraher, FHI 360

                        Adolescents and microbicides trials (PDF, 249 KB)—Joy Noel Baumgartner, FHI 360

                        Communicating about microbicides with women in mind: youth findings (PDF, 1.64 MB)— Allison Pack, FHI 360 

2:45-3:15       Movies and popcorn break

                         “Turning Evidence into Action” (PDF, 2.04 MB) — an overview of results from three IYWG resource assessments

                         “Youth Voices on Postabortion Care” (mp4, 3.63 MB) — PAC Consortium video

3:15-3:45      “Quick, tell us what’s happening!”

                        An overview of youth projects under select current USAID awards

                        Introduction: Emily Harris, USAID 

                        Support for International Family Planning Organizations (SIFPO) I and II (PDF, 953 KB)— Anna Mackay, Marie Stopes International

                        Evidence to Action (E2A) (PDF, 1 MB)—Gwen Morgan, MSH

                        Advancing Partners & Communities (APC) (PDF, 1.47 KB)—Joy Cunningham, FHI 360

                        The Evidence Project (PDF, 4.07 MB)—Laura Reichenbach, Population Council

3:45-4:15     The way forward: discussion of potential next steps to further USAID’s investments in youth

                        Moderator: Cate Lane, USAID

                        Fishbowl discussants: Orain Edwards, Advocates for Youth; Alison Cheng, USAID; Donna McCarraher, FHI 360; 

                        Suzanne Petroni, ICRW; Sylvia Wong, UNFPA

4:15-4:30      Closing remarksElizabeth Berard, USAID