About Us

The Interagency Youth Working Group (IYWG) provides global technical leadership to advance the reproductive health and HIV/AIDS outcomes of young people ages 10-24 in developing countries by:

  • Sharing research and programmatic results and lessons on youth reproductive health and HIV/AIDS with youth health and development communities
  • Promoting strategies that move promising research findings and best practices into programs and policies
  • Advocating for greater focus on youth within reproductive health and HIV programs

The IYWG was formed in 2007 as a network of nongovernmental agencies, donors, and cooperating agencies with an interest in improving the sexual and reproductive health of young people.

Recognizing the first International Day of the Girl: October 11, 2012

From 2007 to 2008, IYWG partner organizations were funded by USAID through the Global Leadership Priority (GLP) for Youth. The GLP for Youth strategic plan focused on knowledge management and dissemination, policy analysis and development, operations and evaluation research, service delivery, and behavior change communication, and the thematic areas of married youth, very young adolescents, and gender.

On behalf of the IYWG, FHI 360 serves as the point of contact for the global dissemination of information on youth sexual and reproductive health research, programs, and materials. FHI 360 serves as the secretariat of the IYWG. We manage the content for this Web site and the IYWG blog, produce a bi-monthly electronic synthesis of new youth-related research and resources (Youth InfoNet) and a series of research briefs (YouthLens), and host technical meetings and consultations. In addition, FHI 360 develops tools and resources on youth sexual and reproductive health to support evidence-based programs.